We are glad to announce that this year we got two papers accepted for the interactive session of the RoboCup Symposium 2016!

The first work was developed by Pablo Cano, who is one of our team captains and is pursuing a master degree in electrical engineering. Pablo applied techniques of multi-hypothesis tracking with random finite sets to improve the obstacle map that is currently used in our team. The results are amazing, and we are very excited about using it in our matches.

The second paper was presented by Leonardo Leottau, doctoral student, covering part of the research done during an internship in the Delft Center for Systems and Control of the Delft University of Technology, in the laboratory of Prof. Robert Babuska. The paper is an application of decentralized reinforcement learning in mobile robotics, showing applications in a three dimensional mountain car, as well as in both simulated and real setups with a differential robot.